Telephone Dance Project    

The Telephone Dance Project turns the classic game of "telephone" into a long-distance collaboration tool. Over several month the four collaborators, spread over 4 different states,created choreographic material inspired by their own geographical location, transcribed it, and sent it to each other via snail mail letting each recipient reinterpret it as the the letter is passed down the line.  With each reinterpretation, the movement changes until finally it barely resembles the original phrase.  These phrases are then used to create an improvisational score, directed by each participant in their own home state, that bring each location and inspiration together.  

Performances of the Telephone Project happened in Spring 2014 across the East Coast, including Northampton, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Blacksburg, VA, and Asheville, NC.  The dance emerges anew each time it is performed: duration, sound/music and creative choices depend on the specific place and time occupied by the participants.